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Development Trend of Automation Products

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Development Trend of Automation Products

Development Trend of Automation Products   Follow Us !

New changes take place in automation industry everyday. From the instrument to the motion control, from the PLC to frequency converter, from human machine interaction to machine vision. From information software to industrial robot. New products appear repeatedly, also telling us the change of industry. When the year comes to an end, we find that these new products have changed the automation industry, also predict the future when grooming thousands of new products.

1. ABB YuMi dual-arm robot--man-machine collaboration makes robot smarter

Product Features: YuMi is a collaborative dual-arm assembly solution with the vision and touch. YuMi has a dexterous dual-arm wrapped by flexible material, also innovative equipped with force sensing technology, so as to ensure security of human beings.

Reason for listing: Robots aim to replace human labor despite being in full swing and even the sign of overheating; the real innovation depends on intelligentization, future-oriented smart factory. ABB launches the future-oriented man-machine collaboration products with innovative and humanized design in dual-arm robot with the function of breakthrough, and opens the huge potential for industrial automation field on the global scale as well.

2. Siemens logo!8 intelligent logic controller--low-end equipment automation has started to emphasize the communication function.

Product Features: Logo!8 consists of eight host machine modules with the function of Ethernet communication and Web server and four additional components, which can realize remote access operation and simple configuration.Logo!8 is characterized by simple operation, small and exquisite installation dimension and abundant digital and analog I/O.

Reason for listing: Logic module is a new equipment launched by Siemens in the mid-1990s.China today, it is once seen as the transitional product between the relay and PLC while upgrading the market. It fills the blank between contactor, auxiliary relay, switch and PLC. After over twenty years, LOGO! itself still has the market vitality, the fact shows that there are many low-level automation application in Chinese market.

3. Schneider Electric "Ruiyi" series product-favored combination of boxing for medium-end product

Product Features: Ruiyi launched XA2 Modular button、ATV610 general load application of frequency converter、ATV310 general frequency converter,M100/200PLC,etc. These products have common features: made as requirement、easy to use and suitable to use、relaible quality、intimate service, etc.

Reason for listing: Medium-end automation market becomes development trend, market construction turns into marquise. International brothers explores downward, instead, domestic brand extends upward. Medium-end market is one of the important strategies as Schneider Electric in China. After Siemens M3 layout, Schneider medium-end solution was born and played combination of boxing, also witnessed medium-end market in favor of total solution.

4. The third generation DCS system of Rockwell Automation--Virtualization definition of modern DCS

Product Features: Rockwell automation adds the function of virtualization, batch management and integrated motor control to its PlantPAx process automation system. In the latest version of system, Rockwell automation extended the function of modern distributed control system(DCS)platform, simplified the design, deployment, operation and maintenance of the system.

Reason for listing: Virtualization is no longer an exception in the field of global process control, but becomes the industry norm accepted generally. It can accelerate the speed of system integration, reduce the hardware cost and the burden, as well as prolong the life cycle of factory equipment. The third generation DCS system of Rockwell Automation helps users to implement internet enterprises by virtualization, intelligentization and high integration.

5. YASKAWA motor Σ - 7 series AC servo driver—— motion control, high performance is still the king

Product Features: YASKAWA motor's original free adjustment function has been further deepened in Σ-7 series product.Σ-7 will not result in vibration when movement under the load of maximum 30 times, its maximum control gain is higher than 40Hz of Σ-ⅴseries, upgraded to 70%. Although the cantilever state and the moment of inertia changed, stable movement is still maintained when adopting the mechanical hand of Σ-7 series product.

Reason for listing: Market share of YASKAWA servo in China ranked the first in 2013, reached 22.6%, at the same time, YASKAWA motor was the winner of servo market around the world, global share accounted for 18.3%,such double leading advantage has lasted for years. At the crucial period of the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, YASKAWA motor's timely launch of cost-effective products will powerfully push the forward pace of manufacturing industry.


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