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MTL Intrinsic Safety Barriers

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MTL Intrinsic Safety Barriers

Intrinsic Safety products come in many forms. Intrinsic Safety barriers and Intrinsic Safety isolators are common examples. Barriers and Isolators are design in many different form factors depending on the application and the equipment being protected. MTL also provides Intrinsic Safety sensors and displays. Devices that must operate safely in a hazardous area like solenoid valves and indicators. MTL also manufacture distributed data acquisition equipment, multiplexers and Process I/O that is safe in hazardous applications. We can also provide gas analysis equipment, safe exit lighting and gas detection products.

The process industries are rapidly evolving to distributed control via the Fieldbus technology. MTL anticipated this trend and developed the industries first Process I/O product, the MTL8000. MTL8000 is a truly field mountable process I/O product family. It is designed to live where your transmitters live. MTL8000 is also the first I/O system to permit mounting directly in the hazardous areas, whether Class I Division 1 or Division 2 ( and this includes non-incentive and non-arcing environments). MTL truly is the Safe Choice for Process I/O.



Series MTL100

  • Are Shunt-Diode Safety Barriers. They come in 1-channel and 2-channel modules. 
  • The Series is available for replacement and retrofit purposes ONLY 
  • See our catalog for details of replacing MTL100 with MTL700! 
    See the complete Series100 Product Listing. 

Series MTL600

  • Are a series of Indicators, Terminals, Conifurators for the IS area. 
  • See the Series 600 Product Listing for descriptions.

Series MTL700

  • The MTL700 Series are now virtually an 'industry standard', noted for its robust fixing and earthing arrangements, and field-proven circuitry. The range includes overvoltage-protected barriers and a sub-series of high-power versions 
  • Are Shunt-Diode Safety Barriers. They come in 1-channel and 2-channel modules, with Fieldbus models as well as a full compliment of accessories of mounting hardware and enclosures. 
  • See the Series 700 Product Listing for details. 

Series MTL800

  • Are IS Mulitplexers. There are models available for various transmitters as well as most communication busses from LonWorks to RS232. 
  • See the Series 800 Product Listing for details. 

Series MTL7000

  • Are Shunt-Diode Safety Barriers. They are MTL's latest Barrier product, 
  • DIN rail mounted with very small footprint, always dense signal packing. 7mm width for 1-,2- and 3-channel barriers. 
  • Optional Fuse replaceable modules. 
  • Based on the proven technology of the MTL700 Series 
  • See the Series 7000 Product Listing for details. 
  • MTL Recommended Barrier. 

Series MTL4700

  • The MTL4700 Series combines MTL700 Series circuit designs with the modular 'plug-in' backplane based mounting concept of the MTL4000 Series of isolators. Multi-channel designs (up to 6 channels in one module) provide high packing densities, while customised backplanes permit very close integration into OEM packages and process systems. 
  • See the Series 4000 Product Listing for details. 



MTL2000 Series

  • DIN Rail or Surface mounting, 50mm width 
  • 240V ac, 120V ac or 24Vdc powered 
  • Full Input/output/power supply isolation 
  • Supports and extends the MTL3000 Series 
  • See the complete MTL2000 Series Product Listing. 

MTL3000 Series

  • DIN Rail or Surface mounting, 25mm width 
  • 24Vdc or signal powered 
  • Wide range of applications 
  • Full Input/output/power supply isolation 
  • Compact Design 
  • See the complete MTL3000 Series Product Listing. 

MTL4000 Series

  • Modules mount on system and custom-designed backplanes 
  • Powered through bussed 24V dc Supplies to backplane
  • Wide range of applicaitons 
  • Compact and modular design with 'plug-in" connectors 
  • High packing density, 16mm width 
  • Reduced system engineering and installation cost. 
  • Backplanes available for MTL I/O-95 as well as many popular DCS systems. 
  • See the complete MTL4000 Series Product Listing. 

MTL5000 Series

  • High packing density, 16mm width. 
  • Low cost per channel, many dual-channel units 
  • DIN-rail mounting 
  • Simple installation with plug-in connectors 
  • 24V or signal powered 
  • See the complete MTL5000 Series Product Listing.
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