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MTL4000 to MTL4500 Range Migration

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MTL4000 to MTL4500 Range Migration

MTL4000 to MTL4500 Range Migration


Earlier / Obsolete Products Nearest Equivalent Product Comments
MTL4013 MTL4513  
MTL4014 MTL4504 Phase reversal added.
MTL4015 MTL4511 No repeat contact on MTL4511. use MTL4510B if required. Check connections on terminals 7 & 9.
MTL4016 MTL4516 No repeat contact on MTL4516. use MTL4510B if required.
MTL4017 MTL4517 Phase reversal added. LFD relay phased reversed.
MTL4021 MTL4524 Note change in part number scheme.
MTL4021S MTL4524S Note: Control input MUST be isolated from supply lines. check compatibility.
MTL4023 MTL4523  
MTL4023R MTL4523R  
MTL4024 MTL4521L Note change in part number scheme.
MTL4024R No direct equivalent  
MTL4025 MTL4525  
MTL4031 MTL4531 MTL4531 now works with 2 wire probes.
MTL4032 MTL4532  
MTL4041B MTL4541B  
MTL4041P MTL4541P Only intended for backward compatibility. P version not usually required on new projects.
MTL4041T MTL4541T  
MTL4042 No equivalent Check use of MTL4541P.
MTL4043 No equivalent MTL4541S may be suitable for some applications. Consult MTL technical support for clarification.
MTL4044 MTL4544B  
MTL4044D MTL4544D Check safe side connections.
MTL4045B MTL4546 Handles HART as well.
MTL4045C MTL4546Y Handles HART as well.
MTL4045S No equivalent  
MTL4046 MTL4546  
MTL4046C MTL4546Y  
MTL4048 No equivalent  
MTL4061 MTL4561  
MTL4073 MTL4573  
MTL4081 MTL4581  
MTL4083 No equivalent  
MTL4099 MTL4599  
MTL4099N MTL4599N  
MTL4215 MTL4526  
MTL4216 MTL4526  
MTL4220 No equivalent  
MTL4401 No equivalent  
MTL4403 No equivalent  
MTL4421RS MTL4526 Check relay rating.
MTL4427-SR No equivalent Triconex special.
MTL4927 No equivalent Triconex special.


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