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MTL5532 PULSE ISOLATOR (pulse & 4/20mA current outputs)

MTL5532 PULSE ISOLATOR (pulse & 4/20mA current outputs)

MTL5532 PULSE ISOLATOR (pulse & 4/20mA current outputs)

Product Details:

Place of Origin: England
Brand Name: MTL
Model Number: MTL5532

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1pc
Price: according to the purchase quantity
Packaging Details: original MTL packing
Delivery Time: in stock
Payment Terms: T/T payment
Supply Ability: 100pcs
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Detailed Product Description


MTL5532 isolates pulses from a switch, proximity detector, current pulse transmitter or voltage pulse transmitter located in a hazardous area. It is ideal for applications involving high pulse rates and fast response times, by repeating the pulses into the safe area. An analogue output proportional to frequency is also provided, together with a relay output, which may be configured to act as an alarm. Configuration is carried out with a personal computer.


See also common specification

Number of channels

One, fully floating

Sensor type

Switch or proximity detector (NAMUR/BS EN 60947–5–6:2001)

2– or 3–wire voltage or pulse transmitter

Location of switch

Zone 0, IIC, T6 hazardous area

Div. 1, Group A, hazardous location

Location of proximity detector or transmitter

Zone 0, IIC, T4–T6 if suitably certified

Div.1, Group A, hazardous location


Switch input:

Output ON if switch is closed

Proximity detector input:

Excitation: 7.0 to 9.0V dc from 1kΩ nominal

Output ON if input > 2.1mA* (< 2kΩ)

Output OFF if input < 1.2mA* (> 10kΩ)

Switching hysteresis: 0.2mA (650Ω) nominal

*NAMUR and BS EN 60947–5–6:2001standards

Current pulse input:

Transmitter supply: 16.5V dc at 20mA

Short circuit current: 24mA

Output: Iin > 9.0mA = ON, Iin < 7.0mA = OFF

Switching hysteresis: 0.5mA

Voltage pulse input

Input impedance: > 10kΩ

Switching point voltage (Vsp): 3, 6, or 12V nominal

(User selectable by switches on the side of the module)

Output: Vin > Vsp = ON, Vin < Vsp = OFF

Switching hysteresis: 100mV + (0.1 x Vsp) typical

Safe-area pulse output

Maximum delay: 10μs

Maximum off–state voltage: 35V

Maximum off–state leakage current: 10μA

Maximum on–state resistance: 25Ω

Maximum on–state current: 50mA

Output OFF if supply fails

Note: LFD signal is Zener-diode protected against inductive loads

Safe-area current output

Input capture delay: 2 signal periods (5ms min.)

Signal range: 4 to 20mA

Under/over range: 0 to 22mA

Load resistance: 0 to 450Ω @20mA

Output resistance: >1MΩ

Ripple: < 50μA peak-to-peak

Accuracy: better than 20μA at 20°C

Temperature drift: < 1μA/°C

Risetime (10% - 90%, after step change): 60 ms

Alarm output

Relay ON in alarm, 0.5A @ 35Vdc max.

MTL5532 PULSE ISOLATOR (pulse & 4/20mA current outputs)

Pulse width

High: 10μs min

Low: 10μs min

Frequency range

0 – 50kHz - pulse output mode

0 – 10KHz - for analogue output

LED indicators

Green: power indication

Yellow: on when output circuit is on

Red: flashing when line fault or error

Power requirement

65mA at 24V dc

70mA at 20V dc

55mA at 35V dc

Power dissipation within unit

1.35W maximum at 24V

1.75W maximum at 35V

Safety description (Um = 253V rms or dc)

Terminals 2 to 1 and 6 to 1

Uo=10.5V Io=14mA Po=37mW

Terminals 4 to 3 and 1

Uo=28V Io=93mA Po=651mW

Terminals 3 to 1

Non-energy-storing apparatus ≤1.5V, ≤0.1A and ≤25mW;

can be connected without further certification into any IS loop with an open-circuit voltage <28V

Terminals 5 to 4 and 1

Vmax ≤ 28V, Imax ≤ 94mA, Pmax ≤ 0.66W


A personal computer running MTL PCS45 software with a PCL45USB serial interface.

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