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MTL4504 switch/ proximity detector interface 1-channel with LFD and phase reversal from UK

MTL4504 switch/ proximity detector interface 1-channel with LFD and phase reversal from UK

MTL4504 switch/ proximity detector interface 1-channel with LFD and phase reversal from UK

Product Details:

Place of Origin: England
Brand Name: MTL
Model Number: MTL4504

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 5 pcs
Price: according to the purchase quantity
Packaging Details: carton
Delivery Time: approx. 4 weeks
Payment Terms: T/T payment
Supply Ability: 100pcs
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Detailed Product Description

MTL4504 switch/ proximity detector interface 1-channel with LFD and phase reversal

MTL4504 enables a safe–area load to be controlled, through a relay, by a proximity detector or switch located in a hazardous area. Line faults are signalled through a separate relay and indicated on the top of the module. MTBF information for the LFD relay is available from MTL to allow the failure rate for the LFD relay to be calculated when used in the critical path with the output relay for safety critical applications. Switches are provided to select phase reversal and to enable the line fault detection.


See also common specification

Number of channels


Location of switch

Zone 0, IIC, T6 hazardous area

Div.1, Group A, hazardous location

Location of proximity detector

Zone 0, IIC, T4–6 hazardous area, if suitably certified

Div.1, Group A, hazardous location

Hazardous–area inputs

Inputs conforming to BS EN60947–5–6:2001 standards for

proximity detectors (NAMUR)

Voltage applied to sensor

7 to 9V dc from 1kΩ ±10%

Input/output characteristics

Normal phase

Outputs closed if input > 2.1mA (< 2kΩ in input circuit)

Outputs open if input < 1.2mA (> 10kΩ in input circuit)

Hysteresis: 200μA (650Ω) nominal

Line fault detection (LFD) (when selected)

User-selectable via switches on the side of the unit. Line faults are

indicated by an LED. Line fault relay is de-energised and channel

output relay de-energised if input line-fault detected

Open-circuit alarm on if Iin < 50μA

Open-circuit alarm off if Iin > 250μA

Short-circuit alarm on if Rin < 100Ω

Short-circuit alarm off if Rin > 360Ω

Note: Resistors must be fitted when using the LFD facility with a contact input

500Ω to 1kΩ in series with switch

20kΩ to 25kΩ in parallel with switch

Safe-area output

Channel: Single pole relay with changeover contacts

LFD: Single pole relay with changeover contacts

Note: reactive loads must be adequately suppressed

Relay characteristics

Response time: 10ms maximum

Contact rating: 10W, 0.5A, 35V dc

Part Number & Description For MTL4500 Series

Digital Input

MTL4501-SR     1ch DI failsafe solid-state output + LFD alarm        

MTL4504          1ch DI relay output + LFD alarm + phase reversal 

MTL4510          4ch DI solid-state output        

MTL4510B        4ch DI multifunction solid-state output 

MTL4511          1ch DI relay output

MTL4513          2ch DI solid-state output        

MTL4514/B       1ch DI relay output + LFD alarm     

MTL4516          2ch DI relay output

MTL4516C        2ch DI with changeover relay output     

MTL4517          2ch DI relay output + LFD alarm     

Digital Output

MTL4521          Loop powered solenoid driver

MTL4521L         Loop powered solenoid driver IIC    

MTL4523          Solenoid driver with LFD 

MTL4523L         Loop powered solenoid driver + LFD       

MTL4523R         Solenoid driver with LFD 

MTL4523V/VL    Solenoid/Alarm driver with voltage control    

MTL4524           Switch operated solenoid driver     

MTL4524S         Switch operated solenoid driver, 24V override       

MTL4525           Switch operated solenoid driver low power   

MTL4526           2ch switch operated relay      

Analogue Input

MTL4541           1ch 2/3 wire Transmitter repeater

MTL4541A         1ch Transmitter repeater, passive input         

MTL4541AS       1ch Transmitter repeater, passive input, current sink   

MTL4541B          MTL4041B replacement

MTL4541P          MTL4041P replacement 

MTL4541S          1ch 2/3 wire Transmitter repeater, current sink    

MTL4544            2ch 2/3 wire Transmitter repeater

MTL4544A          2ch Transmitter repeater, passive input         

MTL4544AS        2ch Transmitter repeater, passive input, current sink   

MTL4544B          MTL4044 replacement   

MTL4544D          2/3 wire transmitter repeater, dual output   

MTL4544S          2ch 2/3 transmitter repeater, current sink    

Analogue Output

MTL4546            1ch 4-20mA smart isolating driver + LFD        

MTL4546C          1ch 4-20mA smart isolating driver + oc LFD   

MTL4546Y          1ch 4-20mA smart isolating driver + oc LFD   

MTL4549            2ch 4-20mA smart isolating driver + LFD        

MTL4549C          2ch 4-20mA smart isolating driver + oc LFD   

MTL4549Y          2ch 4-20mA smart isolating driver + oc LFD   

Temperature Input

MTL4575            1ch Temperature converter with alarm 

MTL4576-RTD     2ch Temperature converter, RTD   

MTL4576-THC     2ch Temperature converter, THC   

MTL4581            1ch mV/THC isolator for low-level signals      

Pulse and Vibration

MTL4531            1ch vibration probe interface 

MTL4532            1ch pulse isolator, digital or analogue output         

MTL4533            2ch vibration probe interface 

Fire and Smoke

MTL4561            2ch loop-powered, for fire and smoke detectors   


MTL4599             Dummy isolator      

MTL4599N           General purpose feed-through module

Functional Safety Management (FSM)

Many MTL products are certified as safe for use in hazardous areas; that is places where explosive material may be present. The products are designed and certified to show that they are incapable of igniting the gas or dust and causing fire or explosion.

Another type of safety is called Functional Safety, which applies when products are used in safety and protection systems, in which a failure may mean that a protective system will not operate as it should. MTL products have been used in safety systems for some time, but there are increasing requirements to demonstrate an adequate level of functional safety, especially after the Buncefield, Texas City and Deepwater Horizon accidents. More and more, customers are demanding that products they use in safety systems meet the requirements of the second edition of the IEC 61508 Functional Safety standard, and they require evidence to show that they do. This is to enable the use of our products within instrumentation loops that are designed to achieve a specific Safety Integrity Level (SIL).

When MTL designs a product in the expectation that it will be used in functional safety-related systems, both the design process and the product needs to comply with IEC 61508:2010.

MTL has chosen to obtain Functional Safety Management (FSM) certification for the company. FSM means that MTL has the necessary processes and competence to design products according to IEC 61508:2010. Certification means that a notified body is ensuring that our processes are correct and that we are working to them. Together, FSM Certification gives our customers confidence in the company and the use of our products for functional safety.


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